IURA Legal Network

IURA Legal Network (Vat No. 02368901209) is a structure established in 2003, which has its head office in Bologna and branch offices in Milan and Ravenna. The firm has connections and correspondents in numerous EU and non-EU countries such as Spain, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Russia, the United States, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Iran.


IURA Legal Network is specializes in both domestic and international commercial law, with a focus on commercial contracts. It also works in the field of civil law, family law, labour law, industrial property law, offering advice and assistance in courts, also at transnational level. The firm is devoted to providing competence, professionalism, creative energy and originality in seeking solutions for its clients (private individuals and entrepreneurs) by directly involving its partners and consultants, who work not only in Italian, but also in French, English, Spanish and Russian.


Furthermore, IURA Legal Network already known for its well-established experience in administrative and town-planning law and now increasingly well-known at international level for its high level of specialization in real estate law.